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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Imagine a school in which his or her well-being is a central priority. Imagine an environment where the negative effects of stress and trauma are mitigated by establishing a space in which all students feel safe and loved, and can develop the socio-emotional and academic skills they need to thrive.  Our model is rooted in the understanding that children’s academic success is inextricably linked to their overall well-being, and in the belief that we can—and must—attend to the development of the whole child while also achieving excellence in academics. At Raising Wildflowers, supporting students’ socio-emotional growth is the foundation for everything we do. Rooted in learning science, the Whole Child model helps students build the intra- and interpersonal skills they need to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and handle conflicts productively. This approach is combined with a rigorous academic model where our young students are makers and owners of their own learning.

Health & Safety

Here at Raising Wildflowers, your child's health and safety is our highest priority.  Rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily to ensure the healthiest environment possible.  

The center is a locked and secured environment.  Families can go about their day knowing that their child is being taught and cared for in a safe, loving environment.  

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